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NYU students, faculty, and staff can borrow a Mac or PC laptop.

Laptops have wireless Internet access and printing capability, and include productivity software (word processing, etc.).

Bobst Library Laptops

  • are borrowed from the Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC).

  • can be borrowed for 3 hours, and are renewable, unless other users are waiting.

  • must be used in the library.

  • must be returned 1 hour before BLCC closing.

Borrowers who wish to renew any items must do so in person with all borrowed items in hand at the BLCC desk. Please note, only Bobst Library laptops are renewable.

Dibner Library Laptops

Loan Terms & Fines

  • The Borrower of the item(s) is responsible for returning all items directly to the Bobst Library Computer Center (located on LL1), or the Public Service Desk at Dibner Library.

  • Item(s) checked out are for the Borrower’s use only.

  • Borrowers will be fined the replacement cost (up to $2000.00) for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged.

Late fines accrue at a rate of 30 cents per minute, to a maximum of $40.00 for laptops and $20.00 for each peripheral.

Overnight graduate loans accrue at a rate of $50 per day, to a maximum of $150. Overnight peripherals accrue at $20 per day to a maximum of $80.

Please note, noncompliance with the above conditions can result in the suspension of the use of Bobst Library Services and/or New York University Facilities.